UPDATE: 07.06.12 The Quiet Before the Storm

The Knicks world has been pretty much quiet today. Nothing important really happened.

  • Jason Kidd wants to sport the number 5 jersey for the Knicks. Maybe he wants to be buddy-buddy with his already close buddy, Tyson Chandler?? 😊
  • Everything is nice and calm in the US but back in Europe, our little new addition to the team, Kostas Papanikolaou and the Greek team is unfortunately out of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament. The poor guys were only behind by one point (80-79)
  • Jason Kidd is a Knick’s kid alright; however, his contract details are still pretty much unknown as of right now. Is he settling for a sign-and-trade deal or is he up for the mid-level exception? We don’t know, I don’t know, league sources don’t know, the Knicks certainly do, but nothing has come from their mouths yet. 
  • While we have point guards like Jason Kidd, Jeremy Lin (maybe), Iman Shumpert, Mike Bibby, Baron Davis, and Toney Douglas, but most of them are either ready to be traded, entering retirement ages, or are seriously injured and won’t be playing until later into the season. With this being said, the Knicks are still shopping for point guard(s) to bring the ball to Melo/Stat/Novak/Jeffries, etc. Eyes are on Marcus Camby, Randy Foye, etc.

There will probably be more to come before Tuesday hits, so stay tuned!

Date: Jul 07, 2012 (1 year ago)
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