I’ve got a surprise for you guys!!! Can’t wait to reveal it!!! What do you guys think it is???

I’m so excited!!!!!!

Date: Nov 25, 2012 (1 year ago)
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Tags: Jeremy Linhouston rocketssurprises!hold me back before I blurb it out!!!!
  1. gblee answered: I know what’s that. Too bad I can’t get it. LOL
  2. rubai117 said: exciting!
  3. rubai117 answered: hmn…
  4. 7chillin said: you’re giving away Jeremy Lin stuff?
  5. 7chillin answered: lemme guess - you scored a date with Jeremy?
  6. justkeepontumbling answered: JUST TELL US ALREADY OMG THE SUSPENSE IS KILL ME
  7. penny-in-the-rain answered: What is it? :o
  8. let-the-gr00ve-get-in said: What is it!!!!!
  9. sweeterrthanfictionn answered: OMG WHAT IS IT? :D
  10. simplyawnya answered: a romantic date with Jeremy Lin?!?!? OMG
  11. neverwishmakeithappen answered: ROCKETS > KNICKS?
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