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Anon! I found the pictures! Kiyan head locking Jeremy haha (via @)

All Stars starters for 2013!

West: Kobe, CP3, Griffin, Howard, and Durant 

East: Lebron, Wade, Rondo, Garnett and Melo 

Rajon got in yayayayay!!! And geeeeze LA is running the West!!

Scans of a Chinese magazine with Lin and Melo on the front cover. It’s saying something about the fate of the #7 men… or something (via Tieba)

Behind the scenes with Jeremy Lin in the Knicks locker room and after the games. LOL, all you can hear as they prepare to leave the locker room is Shump yelling “Knickstape, Knickstape!!” over and over again lol

The good ol’ bench days. But please excuse Tyson’s expression in one picture.

Melo explaining his “ridiculous” comment.

"Melo was asked after tonight’s game about his characterization of Lin’s contract as being "ridiculous." Here’s his answer in next tweet."

"Melo: "It was ridiculous for them to do what they did, as far as throwing that out there and making it tougher on us to sign him back.”” 

"Why do people think Melo doesn’t like Lin? "I don’t know. I can’t worry about that. Ask Lin he’ll tell you what a good relationship we have”” 

"More Melo on : “With Jeremy, I know he definitely wants to be back in New York & Dolan definitely wants him back.”” 

Melo: “It’s just a matter of them figuring it out at this point.Was Melo surprised by the reaction to his comments? “I always get backlash. It’s nothing new. It is what it is.”"

(via @rodboone)

UPDATE: 07.16.12

"It’s up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract" - Carmelo Anthony

"It’s a tough call. Ultimately, they’ve got to do what’s best for the organization." - Tyson Chandler

 The Knicks is such a good looking team. 


Team USA Basketball practice in Las Vegas (via NBA)

Can’t wait to see these boys play!

OMG Anthony Davis is only nineteen but he’s already playing with the world’s champs….. WOW just WOW!

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