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I think we can all agree that this is the ultimately best gif that can come out from this video 😂😂😂

Some snippets from the press conference

These are all my rough translations. 

H – What time do you wake up? Does your mom wake you up?

J – It’s different everyday. Maybe around 9 or 10?

H – Wow how nice! Your mom doesn’t wake you up?

J – It’s because my mom told me that sleep is important!

H – Does your mom prepare breakfast for you?

J – Back then yes, but not now. I wake up even earlier than her.

H – You’ve tried everything out [at the night market] before right? Like stinky tofu..

J – No no no no… I don’t eat stinky toufu

H – Then why are you going to the night market? Then have you tried 鸡屁股?

J – ???

H – Chicken butt!

J – (O.O)” …..  I don’t know (I guess he wanted to say what you’ve been eating LOL)


J – I play for God so it doesn’t matter which team I’m on, I know I still have to play my best. I know that there are trade possibilities for every team



H – Do you think learning Chinese is hard or is shooting three pointers harder?

J – uh… three pointers

H – Did you bring your notes?


H – He’s really hardworking. These are his Chinese notes. Because Jeremy doesn’t know how to write in Chinese, he uses pin yin (Chinese phonetics) instead. For example, press conference. He would put down press conference and next to it, the pin yin, ji zhe hui…. He said that every time if he hears a word that he doesn’t understand, he would write it down, type it up on the computer and print it out. Then he would practice it every single day. I believe that within a few years he wouldn’t have to use a single English word. Right?

J – Yeah, I hope so.


J – Last year because of Linsanity and how big it was I put a lot of pressure on myself to play well. But as the season went on, I tried to ease off the pressure and just play.


J – Because I’m very close to the Linsanity cameracrew, I was very natural and it captures that part of me. There are clips of my trip to Taiwan, me singing …

H – You know how to sing?

J – Back then yes, but not now!

"Thanks to all the fans who came out this morning. I’m so happy today. #Don’twanttosaygoodnight" 

'Linsanity' 将会在台湾首映!Jeremy Lin Pic ‘Linsanity’ Set For Taiwan Release (Exclusive)


Biopic of Asian-American basketball star acquired in ‘home’ territory

Asia Bureau Chief

HONG KONG – “Linsanity,” the biographical documentary about Jeremy Lin, the U.S. basketball phenomenon of Taiwanese descent, is set for an Oct. 11 theatrical release in Taiwan.

The Evan Jackson Leong-directed pic was acquired by Taiwanese distributor Encore Film (安可電影股份有限公司) after a lengthy process fielded by the pic’s international sales agent Fortissimo Films.

Fortissimo, which has all rights outside the U.S. and mainland China, said that there was a bidding battle for Taiwan rights from the moment that it introduced the picture to buyers at the Hong Kong FilMart in March.

“Jeremy is a superstar in Taiwan and an inspiration throughout Asia. In ‘Linsanity’ director Evan Jackson Leong captures the heart and soul of this rising basketball hero,” said Fortissimo chairman Michael J. Werner.

The film follows Lin’s life from his childhood in Palo Alto, Calif., through his meteoric ascent to stardom in early 2012 with the New York Knicks in the National Basketball Assn., giving rise to the term “Linsanity.” Lin transferred to the Rockets in Summer 2012.

Leong started filming in 2010, while Lin was a relatively unknown basketball player at Harvard University.

Lin arrived in Taiwan early on Wednesday local time from the U.S. and will stay in the territory for a week. During that time he will host charity, evangelical and endorsement events as well as a basketball training academy withHouston Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons. Lin is scheduled to depart for China on Aug 21.

Lin was born in the U.S., but both his parents hail from Taiwan and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s.

The film project was financed by 408 Films, and produced by Christopher Chen/Endgame Entertainment, Brian Yang/408 Films and Allen Lu. It had its initial tip off at the Sundance festival and was also an official selection at South by Southwest.

In the US it will be released Ketchup Entertainment from October. Fortissimo has struck deals in other Asian territories. Asian distributors and theatrical release dates will be announced shortly. An Asian regional pay-TV deal is also understood to have been completed.

The deal between Fortissimo and Encore was inked by Werner and Encore president Khan Lee.


20130814公視晚間新聞-林書豪進步神速 記者會全程講中文 (by PNNPTS)

中天新聞》清晨班機抵台! 林書豪直奔飯店吃早餐 (by ChinaTimes)

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