Apparently, heisjeremylin is turning 2 today…..

Happy 2 years anniversary guys!! 


Moved into my new room…can you guess who my favorite athlete is??

"Happy birthday @JLin7! This video incorporates the love and well wishes from fans not only within the video but also from those who couldn’t make it into the video. Notice how most pictures are taken outdoors at different places. It is to show you how global your fanbase is and no matter where you go, there will always be someone there to support you . #WeAreHere I took a total of 827 pictures, let each picture represent a well wish from us to you. We wish you good health, success and above all, happiness. We’ve also included a small present for you. We know that you like to help out others. So we support you by donating $998.00 to the Jeremy Lin Foundation. This  for you to continue doing what you like and to help out those who you care about. Thank you…for being you!"

This is my last birthday video and I hope everyone likes it!! Sorry if it doesn’t live up to the expectations!

Last call for submissions. If you have NOT send it in to me yet, please do so within 12 hours. I cannot accept anything past this due date like last year. Sorry!!

Reminder, today is the last day to submit your birthday pictures. :)

Some other wonderful blogs/Twitter accounts to follow!

As promised, here’s a list of some other blogs and twitter accounts for you guys to check out once this blog closes down. Hope you guys will continue to support Jeremy and these wonderful accounts too!



Birthday Project Submissions are ending tomorrow!

Please remember to submit a picture by tomorrow, August 17th! Again, even if you did not donate money you can still make a sign! Have a nice day!


I think we can all agree that this is the ultimately best gif that can come out from this video 😂😂😂

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