All Stars starters for 2013!

West: Kobe, CP3, Griffin, Howard, and Durant 

East: Lebron, Wade, Rondo, Garnett and Melo 

Rajon got in yayayayay!!! And geeeeze LA is running the West!!

Have you guys voted for the NBA All-Stars yet?? There are only 58 more days left! Cast your votes!!! And these guys are the guys that I think will make this All-Star more worthwhile to watch :)

Waittt….. I just realized I forgot to switch one of them out for Blake Griffin (8{)

I think they’ll have a huge impact on their team just because of how good they are and I think they’ll also bring a huge impact to the league just because. It’s interesting, I think, because Nash was probably the franchise player for the Suns and Dwight Howard obviously for the Orlando Magic. And now they’re all with Kobe, Gasol and the other Lakers. I think people are gonna watch the Lakers this year like they watched the Miami Heat after Chris Bosh and Lebron signed on. It’s gonna be really interesting. I don’t know what’s going to happen but it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch on.
— Jeremy Lin in regards to whether he thinks the new Lakers team will have a huge impact.


Team USA Basketball practice in Las Vegas (via NBA)

Can’t wait to see these boys play!

OMG Anthony Davis is only nineteen but he’s already playing with the world’s champs….. WOW just WOW!

Now that Lebron finally got his ring… guess who they’ll pick on??

Yep… Carmelo Anthony -__-

Weather forecast for the night: Thunderstorms eased out the Heat; KD » LBJ!n
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