“Jeremy had a great 15 or 20 games when he played. Those were some pretty phenomenal games and what he did out there was…you can’t take nothing from him, so the hype was well deserved. I mean he really played well for us and he put us back in the playoff mind frame. It was great to watch,” Stoudemire said. 

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Stoudemire believes Jeremy Lin and Rockets are a good match

Stoudemire believes Jeremy Lin and Rockets are a good match Aug 15, 2012 5:34 p.m. New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire, who is in Houston working with Hall-of-Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon, believes former Knicks guard Jeremy Lin and the Rockets are a good match. Lin signed with the Rockets last month. “Jeremy Lin is going to be a great addition to the team,” Stoudemire said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “He is a player who is going to continue to learn. “He practices just as hard as anyone else on the basketball court. He plays with great confidence and great poise for a young player. So to have him on a team, a young team as the Rockets are, it’s definitely a great addition.” Stoudemire believes Lin was able to show what kind of player he can be in the NBA, even though he started only 25 games. “25 games is 25 games,” Stoudemire said. “You got to take it when the opportunity is given to you and he did that. “So much respect to him for that and I just wish him health and luck going into next season.” Stoudemire respects the fact that Lin was able to cash in on his success last season and land his three-year contract worth $25 million with the Rockets. “Most players, the ultimate goal is to win a championship,” Stoudemire said. “Then if you can win a championship and also cash in, you’ve got a double portion. “He’s on the right track so far with cashing in and coming to beautiful city, as Houston is, he’s going to do a good job.”


Behind the scenes with Jeremy Lin in the Knicks locker room and after the games. LOL, all you can hear as they prepare to leave the locker room is Shump yelling “Knickstape, Knickstape!!” over and over again lol

 The Knicks is such a good looking team. 

Amare is truly to be respected. Good man. Really.

The Knickerbockers of New York was established today in 1946 (66 years ago). Today let’s celebrate this wonderful team which is so full of spirit, passion and energy. Although we’ve never received the Championship title since 1973, with this current team, complete and all healthy, the chances of the Knicks making top three in the ECF next season are extremely high. So let’s wish them luck because they are awesome people who deserve the best of everything!!! Happy Birthday! Let’s spread some love for da blue and orange today!!

OMG!! Congrats to Amare!!!! Alexis was his ex-girlfriend and until recently did they reconcile; she is also the mother of his three children. He proposed to her overlooking Paris on the Eiffel Tower. And get this, the ring is 8.5 carat!! I’m so happy for him right now!! Thank goodness because I was not fond of him and Ciara..

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