My first gif …. ever…dedicated to @shardsofthoughts

After hearing that Jeremy Lin is leaving the Knicks, you’re one of these. Admit it.

"What the EFF?!?!? Why Knicks?! Why Dolan?! Why Grunwald?! Why Melo?! Why Amare?! Why God?! Why Sun?! Why Moon?! Why….. [insert any possible names in here]!?!??

"Hell yes!!"

"Kill me now! How will I continue on!?"

No words. Just pure crying

"Oh okay…."

"You serious…?!?!"

"I don’t know… how I should feel right now…."


"Who’s Jeremy Lin?! What’s the Knicks?! Rockets?! Someone’s going to the moon?!?!"

And in that case, continue hiding in your cave. 

LOL We need some more of these in the world right now. 

Jeremy Lin obviously does not give a care about the rest of the haters.

All it takes is one bad press and war and hatred is fueled.

My man Jeremy Lin will not succumb!!!

UPDATE: 07.10.12 

Another peaceful day. The only thing is that JR Smith resigned with the Knicks for $2.8 mil for another 2 years. All I can say is he better do better than what he did last year. But seriously everyone is practicing/working hard. Tyson and Melo are in the Olympics, Shump is working hard on rehab, Jeremy is practicing, Jeffries is getting his knees all fixed up with top-notch medical care and Amare is working his butt off training. And JR is … traveling all over the world. lol. just kidding, I don’t know what he’s doing … and that bugs me a little….

Other than that we will just have to wait until tomorrow when the official contract signing begins!! Now comes the nervous time. Will the Knicks match Houston’s offer for Jeremy Lin or not…….

I realized that putting gifs in my updates would catch you children’s attention. I will go gif-shopping more often now. 😊

UPDATE: 07.09.12 MSG will be raining threes again!

Steve Novak settled with the Knicks with a contract of #15 mil for four years. Baby Steve needs to make 5,000,000 threes for the next four years lol.

Seriously this is me right now:

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