Everyday I’m focused on becoming a better player. Not living in the past of Linsanity. I’m building… towards a new future.
— Jeremy Lin - Reloaded

I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. But then  I thought of an idea for the birthday project and now I’m super excited! (so much for going back to sleep…I have an exam today.-_-;) Now it’s just a matter of putting my plans into action! Hopefully this video will be an even bigger hit than last year’s and that you guys will like it! Please remember to submit your pictures! The deadline is August 14th. Happy donating (*¯︶¯*)

You may now all go stalk him on Instagram. @JLIN7 lol Yes, he is throwing his niece.

: Yao makes appearance at Jeremy Lin Foundation event.
Let the MADness begin! Guests are arriving! Can anyone stop in Wii golf?  
Who wishes they’re in Houston right now?? I do!!
Linsanity: the MovieJeremy w his two nieces.
D’awwwwww but wait……. Josh has kids?
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