Look at this AWESOME logo a follower submitted to me for the birthday project! Isn’t it awesome!?!? I’m super excited now! Who’s ready to join this party!?!? Turn it up! Pictures by the 17th ya’ll!!!

This beautiful logo is made by l

"A gathering of former Knicks last night in NYC…" (via Instagram)


  1. Donate to the Jeremy Lin Foundation directly via http://mad.jeremylinfoundation.org 
  2. Write a sign saying: “Making a Difference! Even $[your donation amount] counts! - [your name]” 
  3. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign! Preferably outside in front of a landscape. So to showcase that Jeremy has fans all over the world! If you are uncomfortable in showing your face, then I would suggest that you use the sign to cover your face. 
  4. Send me the picture via Tumblr http://heisjeremylin.tumblr.com/submit OR tweet it to me @heisjeremylin with hashtag #J25TH.
  5. DO NOT TAG @JLin7 OR @JeremyLinFoundation OR anything of sorts. We want to keep this as a surprise for Jeremy so shhhhh 😙

DEADLINE: Saturday, AUGUST 17th

GOAL: $500

Reblog, retweet, and spread the word! 

Photo War II: @Its_JeremyLin

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For you overseaers!! The 60 Minutes Special that aired tonight!!

Anonymous asked: some rare pics or videos of jeremy please! :D

Of course!!

These are my top five rare videos of him:

  1. Chronicle of his Career - Basically, all we know about this man is his background from Harvard and that he was waived several times before hitting it big on Broadway. Well, this video shows the behind-the-scenes and the times that he spent on the court from his Harvard Crimson days to his GSW days. It’s all in there.
  2. Jeremy Lin Interview at Harvard - I absolutely LOVE this video. I’m pretty sure many of you haven’t seen this yet. But it’s a footage of Jeremy sitting down and talking about his dream of playing in the NBA. He had a dream and he accomplished his dream more than anyone ever could. 
  3. Jeremy Lin’s GQ [China] Man of the Year - Starting at 1:47 you get a 10 seconds clip of the behind-the-scenes photo shoot for GQ China over the summer.
  4. Jeremy Lin CCTV5 Interview - I didn’t even see this interview until today LOL…. pretty darn awesome! He talks a lot about his experience and thoughts, etc
  5. Dialogue with Jeremy Lin - I really wish that they have English subtitles. But I feel like you can get the gist of what’s going on. It’s another interesting interview! 

As for pictures, I post whatever I find so scout through the pages… lol 

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