He loves basketball.

He has much fun on basketball.

But…uh…two kids on the court???!!!


Amazing!!!  KITTY LIN 貓遁之術 ! ! !

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Complete “Official” Report of Jeremy Lin Testimony in Taipei, 2-Sept-2012

Inquiry of the report: Call Taiwan +886-2-23961010#200、#530 Sister Tsai 蔡姊妹、Sister Hsieh 謝姊妹

To read more in Chinese: 林書豪奇蹟之夜特刊 完整刊載見證全文

Source: 基督教論壇報 Christian Tribune


Uh….our naughty boy, Jeremy Lin just tweeted the Escape Show!!!

Heeeeee’s funny in Kitty head!!! LOL


New Youtube video with  - A Light Night Escape in Taipei!! Thx to all the fans for my unforgettable Asia trip!


New video with my favorite whasian  - A Light Night Escape in Taipei!! Thx to the fans for the best Asia trip!



Jeremy Lin on Flight Simulator.  

COOL!!! Not everyone has the chance! Pilot Lin!

source: DYNASTY magazine


Jeremy Lin behind the scenes: GQ Men of The Year 2012

林書豪GQ年度人物2012 拍攝花絮


Jeremy Lin KFC 3 on 3 commercial.

Wow~ he speaks Chinese all the way.


Knock! Knock!


“Hi, everyone!”

“Study is important, as well as the physical body.”

“Come with me!”

“KFC holds basketball 3 on 3 event annually.”

“Encourage young people taking exercise every day.”

“Develop it into your healthy habits.”

“I am KFC Basketball Ambassador.”

“Welcome to join us!”



Emergency Notice: Copyright Claim on Jeremy Lin Testimony of 2-Sept-2012

The Good TV has claimed today, the copyright of all photos & videos from the testimony belongs to Jeremy Lin.

All photos & videos of Jeremy Lin testimony are protected with prohibition of dissemination.  

Do not spread or use all material without the written consent by Jeremy Lin himself or the agent.

Please abide the relevant provisions in order to avoid violation of the NBA relevant criterion.

Please delete all the pages concerning this subject reblogged from “heisjeremylin”

Thank you for your cooperation. 


GOOD TV 好消息衛星電視台
21 小時前.【公告】有關「林書豪奇蹟之夜」版權說明如下

1. 「2012林書豪奇蹟之夜」之所有素材,包含本活動所使用之林書­豪照片、影像,及本活動影音之一切版權與播映權,皆屬林書豪所­有。未經主辦單位及林書豪本人書面同意,不得使用,以免觸法。

2. 各網路直播教會於活動結束後,即停止使用相關素材,或予以銷毀。

3. 請各界共同遵守相關規定,以免違反 NBA 相關規範,誤觸法律。

本活動一切版權非 GOOD TV 所有,乃皆屬林書豪弟兄所有,GOOD TV 亦無權授權給第三方。未經林書豪本人與經紀公司書面同意,一切素­材禁止散佈、使用,敬請遵守,以免誤觸相關法律。

Cool !!!

Fans with a big Jeremy board.


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