Daang, this is obviously only for rich people LOL

But it is a car and a jersey so…


Before and After. I think he’s starting to channel his inner fashion sense. I’m so proud of him. lol (picture credits: Google, ksoranna)

Jeremy Lin: “I’m not here to live up to anyone else’s expectations. I’m here to live up to mine.”


Jeremy Lin takes ‘unexpected’ turn in new Volvo ad

Posted Oct 8th 2012 7:15PM

While there is nothing uncommon about athletes and celebrities showing up in car commercials, it is somewhat surprising when the endorser actually matches up with the product he or she is endorsing. Houston Rockets’ point guard Jeremy Lin and the Volvo XC60 can both be labeled smart, underrated and overlooked, which makes them a great pair for Volvo’s latest ad campaign, “The Unexpected Ones.”

In the commercial spot, NBA star Lin is showed getting into a bright red XC60 R-Design while others wait to be chauffeured off in a sea of black limousines. Then instead of turning to drive through a crowd of fans and photographers, he makes an unexpected turn away from the crowd and toward the open road. Just like the ad, Lin’s career has been filled with unexpected turns after he received no college scholarships and went undrafted out of Harvard in the NBA, but then became a household name almost overnight due to his initial success at the top of the key playing with the New York Knicks last year.

Volvo and Lin signed a two-year deal as the automaker hopes that the ad resonates with younger buyers in addition to consumers in China and other emerging Asian markets. Check it out below to see if it resonates with you.

(source: autoblog.com)


OFFICIAL Volvo commercial! Damn right nobody expected him to be a starter, I’m so proud of him!!!

"The Unexpected Ones" Jeremy Lin and the Volvo XC60 (by VolvocarsUS)

So he needs shaving? Oh yeah….



More Jeremy Lin photos at Volvo event, 1-Sept-2012, Taipei.

Jeremy Lin plays guessing game with Taipei fans
2012/09/01 21:46:09


Taipei, Sept. 1 (CNA) Visiting NBA star Jeremy Lin answered questions and played a “draw and guess” game with fans at a sponsor’s event in Taipei on Saturday.

Lin, the first American-born NBA player of Taiwanese descent, is currently in Taiwan on a nine-day visit, mainly for a four-day basketball summer camp and an evangelical gathering.

During the nearly two-hour event Saturday, Lin was asked to demonstrate a talent other than basketball. He draw three items and asked the fans to guess what they were.

Those who guessed right would win a baseball cap and a T-shirt bearing the sponsor’s logo and “Lin 7.”

Two fans guessed correctly that he was“drawing”steamed dumplings, known locally as “xiaolongbao” and a steering wheel, but Lin had difficulty conveying the concept of the third item.

Even after he hinted that it was a delicious food item his mother makes, the fan still could not guess what it was. Given another hint by the host, the fan eventually guessed correctly that it was a scallion cake.

Afterward, Lin answered all kinds of questions, ranging from why he adores Jason Kidd of the New York Knicks to what he would like to do when he retires.

Asked by a boy how he grew that tall, Lin said he is not picky and eats everything. Milk and sleep also helped him grow to 1.91 meters, he added.

"It’s God-given. It’s OK your parents are short, as mine are too," said the NBA star, the tallest member of his family.

The organizers of the event also prepared traditional Taiwanese snacks and seasonal fruit for Lin, as he was on a tight schedule and did not have much chance to explore Taiwan.

Lin is scheduled to attend an evangelical gathering hosted by a local television station Sunday before his departure for the United States the next day.

The 24-year-old point guard, whose meteoric rise early this year with the New York Knicks attracted widespread attention, signed a three-year, US$25.1 million contract with the Houston Rockets in July after the Knicks failed to match the offer.

(By James Lee)

How can a man in suit have such a cute wry face.

Jeremy is toooooo cute.


"I’m not here to live up to anyone else’s expectations; I’m here to live up to mine"


Jeremy Lin first Volvo ad.

I am not Jeremy Lin. He is Jeremy Lin. LOL


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